How to get started

Welcome to our new website.

If you have bought from us before and created an account with your email address and password there is one quick thing you need to do. Due the the high security of our password system we weren't able to move your passwords over. All you need to do to put that right is to visit this link "Reset Password" and enter your email address. This will send you a password to login. Once you are back in the system you can change your password to whatever you like and you are back up and running.

If, when you enter your email address it tells you that your email isn't in our database don't worry. Either you didn't create an account when you bought from us last or you are a very new account and your details were entered after we grabbed the data to enter in our new website. If that is the case just create an account and you are all set. You can do it here "Register"

Due to the huge quantity of previous order data we have decided to start a fresh on sales history. If we or you require details from an order before now we have a copy of our old system running for us to look up if and when we need to. Don't worry about not seeing your earlier orders we have a way of looking them up.

We hope you enjoy using our new website and fine it quick and easy to get around. It's a learning process for us too so we should have plenty of fun working with it. There will be some other features coming down the track but we don't want to spoil you all in one go ;)

Enjoy your shopping

The Blue Edge Crafts Team.

PS. Product reviews will be moved over and appearing on our new site soon.