Popular Questions Answered

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Can I place an order and then pay for it by Telephone?

If you are choosing payment for your order by phone because you don't want to use your credit card over the Inernet we can cater for this. First, place your order on our web shop and at the checkout it will ask for your payment method. Choose "Direct Deposit / Phone order" if you would like to phone your credit card number through your card details to us. Once your order has been placed you can telephone the number on your confirmation email and quote the order number so we can apply your payment to your order.

Do you wholesale your goods?

We don’t wholesale goods but we do have a number of customers that buy from us and resell. Our low prices for many of our products do allow for reselling. If you feel you can make a profit on selling our goods at the screen prices you are more than welcome to do so.

I have a new email address, how do I tell you or change it?

If you want to change your email address at any time, log into our site and click on “Edit My Details” from there you can update all of your details including your email address.

Can you send me some samples?

We receive a great deal of requests for samples everyday and unfortunately it is impossible to give our products away like this when we set our prices to be competitive. In the case of cards and other small items we have very small minimums like 10 cards to a pack so, the best thing to do is place an order for the small packs as this will allow you to see our products and have items that can be used for projects too. There are also sample /mixed packs to choose from in most sizes that will help you see the quality of our cards.

Can you post out a catalogue to me?

We are a 100% Internet driven business with all transactions being completed on-line. We don't print catalogues as they would be out of date before we could print them. We add new products sometimes more than once a week so it would be a waste of time and paper printing anything. The other reason is that a catalogue would be an additional cost and overhead to the business and would lead to increased prices. By using our website you see the most up to date product listings as well as any special deals and prices. There are many ways to pay so don't think you have to use credit cards on-line if you don't want to. View our "Ways to Pay" link at the top of the site for more details.

If I pay extra can you send Express Post?

We only use standard eParcel Business Post and Sendle Couriers for all of our deliveries and at this stage don't offer an Express Post service. All orders are processed in the order they were placed. Every order is important to us and every order is shipped as soon as possible to avoid any delays. Please try to leave a reasonable period of time between placing your order and when you need it by to avoid problems. eParcel is a very good service with many very happy customers letting us know how quickly their orders have arrived.

Delivery Questions

How do you send out your orders?

All orders are shipped using Australia Post eParcel Business Service or Sendle Courier Service that mainly in turn use Fastway and Couriers please. Each parcel carries a label with your address, return address and tracking number than can be tracked directly from the Australia Post website. You will also receive an email from Australia Post (if chosen) telling you that your parcel has been lodged in their system. From the same email you may subscribe to a free service that will inform you of updates to your parcels delivery status. You will also receive an automated confirmation from us to let you know your order is on its way as well as the tracking number and link to click and take you directly to the tracking information.

Is a courier deivery faster than post?

Courier delivery isn't faster than post but in many cases it is the cheaper option and is about the same delivery time as Australia Post. This is why sometimes if you have selected 'Courier" we send it by post because on checking we can see that it will be faster for you. We don't charge you any more than you already paid even if the post charge was greater. Our aim is to give you the most efficient service we can.

My order status says it's been sent but I still haven't received my parcel.

If you have logged into our web site and looked at your order status in the "My Orders" link and it says "Dispatched" we have posted your order. Australia Post can vary a great deal in deliver time around the country.

To track your order please use the following instructions:

  • Visit our website and log onto your account then, click the "My Orders" link.

  • Locate the order you are looking for and you should see a button marked “Track”

  • That will take you directly to the website of the whichever method of shipping you chose and display the tracking of your order.

  • You can also follow the 'Track" link on the email confirmation that you receive when your order has been shipped.


How long will it take before I get my order?

We state that orders leave us in about 3 days but in reality almost all orders from stock are shipped the next working day after an order is placed. The only exception to this may be after weekends and local public and national holidays.

Australia Post quote 3 to 5 days delivery between capital cities. Country areas can be a little longer. You can check with the Australia Post website to get a more exact delivery time by using their delivery quoting system. If you use this you can use 5114 postcode for the dispatch area.

Our policy is not to sit on orders but to ship them as soon as possible because we know if you ordered goods from us you want them as soon as we can get them to you. You can check the status of your order by following the details of the question above.

How much do you charge for delivery?

Shipping is a flat rate for whatever you buy. The charge itself is based on where you are in the country. Australia Post have Zones set up that have different rates of post for each. We have adopted their zones and charge according to each of them. To find the delivery cost for any size parcel to be delivered to you just use the delivery quote section when viewing your cart with items in it.

Can I collect my order from you?

We have no physical shop or commercial premises and therefore post all orders via Australia Post. All orders must be placed via our site and will be posted to your delivery address.

We do understand the frustration this may cause our local customers who would like to save on delivery but we just don’t have the staff and facilities to do this.

Can you send my parcel so I don't have to be there to sign for it?

If you specifically want your parcel left if no one is available to sign for it you must check the box allowing a “Safe Drop” and you may also add any instructions for where it may be left. By doing this you must accept full responsibility for the goods once it has reached your delivery address. Australia Post and the appropriate Sendle Courier will record it as delivered and we can't do any more tracking after that point.

Can I pay extra and have my order sent by Express Post ?

At this time we don't offer Express Post as an option. There are a number of reasons for us not to offer the service at this point in time. If we are able to offer this in the future you will see it in the checkout of our site with the appropriate fee for it.


Payment Questions

Do I have to have a credit card to shop with you?

The easy answer to that is no you don't. We accept several payment methods and there will be one that you will be happy to use, we are sure about that.

To see which method you will like to use and how to pay that way go to this page to see full details about payment methods.

I chose to pay Direct Deposit but I want to change it to another now.

If you want to change your payment method from Direct Deposit to another method you can sign back into our site and then find your order under “My Orders” Open it up and you will be able to change the payment method and pay accordingly. Paying with PayPal or credit card will allow it to process straight away and change the status for us to start to pick your order.

Can I have a copy invoice for an order?

If you need a copy invoice for accounting purposes etc you can print your own copy by following these steps:


  • Log onto our site using your email address and password.

  • Find the “My Orders” section and within there you can find your order. Once you found the one you want a copy invoice for just click the “Print” button.

  • Once payments are recieved by us a tax invoice is automatically emailed in a PDF format to you. Another is attached to the dispatch confirmation email too.


Questions about our Cards

Can I Print On Your Cards?

We are often asked about printing on our cards and here are a number of things to consider when you want to do that.


  • The first thing you should consider before buying our cards to print on is, will your printer handle the card weight that you want to buy from us? Normally, the printer manual will suggest what "GSM" weight your printer will be able to take. Many printers won't print on anything much more than normal 80 - 100 gsm copy paper. You need to make sure that your printer will take this gsm easily, because our cards as standard come with a score line in the centre for folding and again, some printers don't like this as it is an extra thick part to the card.
  • We have a lot of customers that do print very successfully on our cards, so it isn't out of the question. You really need to test our cards in your printer to make sure that they will travel through easily. We also suggest that you check that your inks sit well on the card and portray the colours to your liking. In our own test some years ago, we found some genuine inks worked very well but a compatible ink for the same printer came out with very muddy looking with flat colours so, testing is essential.
  • If laser printing is what you are going to do, we suggest much the same thing. Check that the weights of card we have will be compatible in your printer. One way to do this is to buy a few cards in types and sizes you want to try to be sure you will get the results you are looking for.
  • Our cards are priced and sold in lots of 10, which means buying a few cards isn't an expensive exercise. With 10 cards to play with, you can certainly be sure that not only will they work in your printer, you can also experiment with the settings to get the best results.
  • If you just can't print on them sucessfully, the other option (again we have many doing this too) is to print your photo or design on genuine inkjet photo paper that is designed for best results and then attach that to the card. If you use double sided tape you will find it sits very nicely on the card and is an instant fix with no drying time. There is also no moisture as you get with inks that can warp the card if there is too mauch ink used. We have a video showing the best way to align yoru attachment correctly each time here. https://youtu.be/0IJ8_yO14Ac