Card Blanks and Envelopes for making your own cards

Blank cards for creating greetings cards / photo cards and all card making projects. Ready scored for easy and perfect folding made by us here in Australia.

Our card blanks and optional envelopes are sold and priced in quantities of 10 so, if you require 50 cards you should order 5 lots of the item. Envelopes can be supplied as an option for you to choose whether you require them to be included or not. We have a number of different sizes available so please check our sub categories on this left of this page to find the size to suit you.

These cards are Made by us in Australia

Our cards are very popular with amateur and professional photographers as a way to mount their photos for sale or as part of a project. It's also a great way to create a family Christmas card or other events to then be sent to friends and family. See an easy way to mount photos on our "C" size cards in the video below.

Custom Size Cards

If you would like to get a quote for a custom size card please use our Contact Us link and give us as much information as possible to what you would like as well as a quantitiy you would like to purchase.

Assorted Single Fold Size C with Envelopes x 5
22% OFF RRP $4.50
Assorted Stitching Cards Laser Cut Linen x 5
30% OFF RRP $5.00
Black 200gsm Square Card (10 Pack)
12% OFF RRP $4.00
Black Card 300gsm Size B/A6 (10 Pack)
12% OFF RRP $4.50
Christmas Sparkle Assorted Five Card Pack with Envelopes
24% OFF RRP $4.25
Coloured Three Panel (almost) Square Folded Cards x 5 with envelopes
15% OFF RRP $3.25
Cream Single Fold Card Size B/A6 with Cream Envelopes x 50pack
5% OFF RRP $22.00
Cream Single Fold Card Size C with Matching Envelopes x 10
7% OFF RRP $4.50
Cream Single Fold DL Cards with White Envelopes x 50 pack
7% OFF RRP $23.00
Cream Single Fold Square 135mm with Cream Envelopes x 50 pack
7% OFF RRP $23.00
Custom Order

Custom Order


Die Cut Cards Square with Circle x 5 Navy
29% OFF RRP $3.50
Die Cut Cards Square with Flower x 5 Ivory
29% OFF RRP $3.50
Ivory Card Size B/A6 (10 Pack)

Ivory Card Size B/A6 (10 Pack)


3% OFF RRP $3.00
Ivory Single Fold Card Size C (10 Pack)
6% OFF RRP $5.20
Juni Purple Single Fold Card Size C (10 Pack)
9% OFF RRP $3.75
Kraft Cards & Envelopes Size 114mmx160mm Qty 6
17% OFF RRP $3.20
Kraft Cards Single Fold Size B with Kraft Envelopes (10 Pack)
12% OFF RRP $4.75
Luxury Marlene Embossed & Foiled Card Pack x 10
19% OFF RRP $18.50
Luxury Square Printed Red & Gold Cards with Envelopes
44% OFF RRP $4.50