About Us

How it Started

If you enjoy crafts and particularly paper crafts then you have found just the place for you. Based in Adelaide South Australia, we ship our goods throughout Australia. We first started selling on-line in May 2000 so we have had over 23 years to grow and mould the business into a totally on-line craft outlet. 

It all started when Mandy and Ian moved here from the UK. Mandy has always loved all sorts of crafts and probably has tried them all at some stage. Ian grew up taking things apart to see how they worked and had interest in electronics and of course in the 80’s computers became a big focus. Wind forward 20 plus years and the idea of putting crafts and Internet together soon became Blue Edge Crafts.

This year Ian and Mandy made the decision to take a step back and retire.  It was very important to both Ian and  Mandy to have Blue Edge Crafts go to the right person if it was to live on. The purchase was completed in June 2023 and new owner Claire took over. 

Claire had previously worked with Ian and Mandy in the earlier days of running markets and has many fond memories of doing so. Claire is a lover of craft also and knew it was too good an opportunity to miss. She is committed to continuing the level of service everyone has grown to expect with great quality products. 

The Business

Our business is conducted as a complete on-line shopping business. We don’t have a physical shop front as our aim is to give everyone no matter where they are in the country the same shopping experience and allow anyone to purchase in the same way. For that reason, the Blue Edge Crafts website is the most important tool of the business and therefore has a great deal of time and money spent on it. We want everyone to feel confident in the simple and easy way that it works as well as feeling secure in the ways we accept payments and handle any personal information entrusted to us.

With a number of payment options there will be one you will feel comfortable with. If you do choose to use your Visa or Mastercard on-line you can be sure of it’s safety. Our web server is housed in an Australian data centre so your personal details as in your name and address etc are held there and nothing takes any of your information outside of Australia. This means that everything is bound by Australian law as all of our business is conducted in Australia with no employees or services being carried out from outside the country. 

When paying by credit card, the transaction is processed by eWay so your card details never come into contact with us or our server. Your personal details are all passed through our secure server for maximum security. We also accept PayPal and those payments are also secure and all conducted on the PayPal servers and not ours.

Wherever possible we purchase our goods and services from Australian businesses. Some products we stock, like our own white card blanks etc are all made by us here in South Australia. 

All prices are displayed in Australan Dollars (AUD$) and include the current percentage of GST

Our ABN is 74 973 712 584

Contact Address

If you should need to post anything to us including authorised return of goods please send to:

Blue Edge Crafts
45 Tiller Drive
SA 5169

You can also contact us via our Contact Us form here