Perfect Pearls, Embossing Folders & Ink Pads Project

Author: Mandy   Date Posted:23 January 2017 

Perfect Pearl and other colouring products

Love Perfect Pearls? Love embossing folders? Love Inks? Then this is the project for you. I got the inspiration from this You Tube video by Jennifer McGuire Ink, she has fantastic ideas and although the video is not recent, the technique and finished cards are so special, it’s worth sharing.



Take a plain white card, mask off the centre area using masking tape, you could also use a stencil or removable vinyl to cut out your own centre shape.

Ink the area with inks, Jennifer suggests distressed inks, I used Encore Metallics and Versacraft mini ink pads and the technique worked just as well.

Next, add the perfect pearls using a soft brush, just brush it over the inked area. Wipe the area you have just added the Perfect Pearls powder using a soft cloth or tissue.

Remove the tape/stencil/vinyl and then take an embossing folder, run the inked and perfect pearled piece of card through your embossing machine in the folder. Now, look at the beautiful effect you have.

You can add stickers, rub ons, ribbons, die cut shapes - in fact, you could add almost anything to make these cards extra special. On my examples shown here, I left them plain as they were for a card swap using just one layer.