Our Card Making Kits

Making your own greetings cards Using our Card Making Kits

Everyone loves a good handmade card and appreciates the time taken to make it. With our Lucky Dip card Making kits Ccard makers from a beginner to an expert will be able to create cards quickly and easily. Each pack contains 5 cards and envelopes and enough patterned paper, die cut shapes, ribbon and much more to create your own work of art.

Example of our Lucky Dip Card Making Kit

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Packs will have some kind of theme to them like:

Australiana, Male Themes, Robots, Dinosaurs, Sea Theme, Girly Themes and many more.

In each pack there will be a Rub On sheet with a number of greetings that you can easily apply to your cards. To apply a greeting we suggest you cut would the wording you want to use then position it where you want it to appear. Take the pop stick that you will find in the packet and gently rub back and forth over the wording. You will notice the black words go from black to dark grey which means it is now on your card. Lift slowly to be sure you have it has all transferred to your card. If there is anything left on the sheet just align the wording again and rub over the missed parts.

Rub on Greetings sheet

Each pack will contain a method of adding greetings like this Rub On sheet

We don't give you instructions on what to make. Your imagination is all you need to pick elements that will complement each other. There is no right or wrong way to make your cards, everyone you make is unique. Once you get started you will soon be producing cards for all of your family and friends. You won't buy a card from the newsagent ever again!

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