Delivery Costs Changes

Date Posted:25 December 2018 

Important Shipping News

Every year there has always been price increases for everything and that includes postage and shipping costs from every carrier, it always goes up and never down. It’s for this reason we have taken steps make a change. Just like Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy, Free Post doesn’t exist. Postage has to be paid somehow and the cost has to come from somewhere. Profit margins need to contain an element to pay for the “Free Post” as well as packaging etc and when it comes to heavy items like card blanks, shipping is extremely expensive. The majority of our orders are over 1K so we have had to set our prices accordingly.

For that reason we won’t be offering FREE Post anymore, we will however, have good low prices for quality goods and a charge for postage at one rate for your postcode. If you order something that has a higher shipping cost than we are charging you, we will pay the extra for the shipping whether it’s 20 cards or 20,000. Don’t forget that when it comes to our cards they are made here in Australia by us and not imported.

FREE Post Doesn't Always Mean Cheaper Products

We are doing our best as always to bring you the most competitive prices on our products. As an example of this after doing a quick search, I found a glue pen that we sell for $3.65, customers usually purchase multiples of this pen. On another site, they are sold for $6.50 post free. If you bought 4 from us that is $11.40 difference that could pay for the shipping of an order containing just that one item.

There's Good News Too

We hope you can see and understand our position and also that it doesn’t mean every order is costing more.
If you just place an order for Stickers and/or 3D Paper Tole products you will be paying less for shipping and that has to be a good thing.

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