Scissors Knives and Tweezers

Scissors, knives and tweezers are the mainstay of your craft tool box. They are tools you have to have. This selection will either help you to add to your collection or make a start on it.

3D Soft Grip Scissors
22% OFF RRP $8.95
Fine Tip Scissors with Soft Grip
12% OFF RRP $8.50
Pointed Scissors 5.5" Stainless Steel Blades
26% OFF RRP $8.00
Pointed Scissors with Big Eyes

Pointed Scissors with Big Eyes


22% OFF RRP $8.95
Pointed Scissors, Right Handed with Horizontal Curve
10% OFF RRP $5.50
Tweezers 3 Piece Set
16% OFF RRP $8.95
Xcut Craft Pro Craft Scissors 6 3/4"
22% OFF RRP $13.50
XCut Four Pack Scissors

XCut Four Pack Scissors


30% OFF RRP $35.00
Xcut Soft Grip & Non-Stick Precision Craft Scissors 5"
15% OFF RRP $15.95