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Special $2 Postage on Cutting Die Orders 

Now is a great time to place an order for cutting dies. Any order that just has cutting dies on will only have $2 postage on the order. If any other products are added to the same order the postage will revert back to normal charges. If you only want dies this is a super offer. <VIEW>

Card Kits

Our Card Kits are still going well with more and more being made up with lots of different themes. Whether you have made cards for years or was thinking about giving it a go our kits will stimulate your brain for ideas. <VIEW>

Here are a few cards that were made from our Lucky Dip Card Making Kits.

Fridge Magnets or Die Storage

The choice is yours. We have A4 magnetic sheets in packs of two which are just what you need if you want to make fridge magnets that stay on the fridge. They are also very handy for storing your metal cutting dies on too. At $4.50 for the two sheets you will get a great deal of use out of them. <VIEW

New Scissors

A good pair of scissors is always a paper crafters best friend and most used tool. We have just restocked our scissors although unfortunately they weren't all available so we just brought a few more to add to our range. Whether you are fussy cutting your paper or card or cutting our paper Tole designs we have something for you. 
Pointed Scissors 5.5" Non Stick Blades

Pointed Scissors 5.5" Non Stick Blades $7.75

Pointed Scissors 5.5" Stainless Steel Blades

Pointed Scissors 5.5" Stainless Steel Blades $6.50

Xcut Craft Pro Craft Scissors 6 3/4"

Xcut Craft Pro Craft Scissors 6 3/4" $12.50

Xcut Decoupage Scissors 4.5"

Xcut Decoupage Scissors 4.5" $11.50

Xcut Four Pack Scissors

Xcut Four Pack Scissors $32.00


New X-Cut Cutting Dies

A number of X-Cut dies have been restocked as well as a few new ones. These include mini dies and Card Topper dies. These branded and very affordable dies cut extremely well in all good die cutting machines. Remember that currently if you buy ONLY cutting dies from us you will only pay $2 shipping See the whole range of Xcut dies here <VIEW>


Paper Trimmer Bundle Couture Creations

If you need a small affordable trimmer then you can't look past our Paper Trimmer Bundle. The trimmer comes with an extra pack of cut and score blades so you don't have to go looking for replacements, they are already there.
Paper Trimmer Bundle Couture Creations

Paper Trimmer Bundle Couture Creations $35.00


X-Press IT Funnel Tray

If you use glitter, embossing powders or any fine material, you know how easy it is to get it everywhere - it's a crafters nightmare. The Funnel Tray stops it happening. By using your glitter (or whatever else you happen to be crafting with) over the funnel tray it collects it all up so you can easily pour it back into its container and avoid all that mess.
X-Press It Funnel Tray

 X-Press IT Funnel Tray $7.50


New Satin Ribbon

There are seven new Satin Faced Ribbons available on our website. The best place to see all seven is from our What's New Page here <VIEW>

Centring Rulers

If you are like me and find you have to do all you can to get things to align correctly, it litterally drives you nuts, the centering ruler may be what will help you the most. It quickly shows you the centre of just about anything and from there you can get your spaces perfectly right and save you all that time repositioning until you still aren't quite sure if you have it right or not.

Westcott Centering Ruler 12 inch

Westcott Centering Ruler 12 inch

Westcott Centering Ruler 18 inch

Westcott Centering Ruler 18 inch


Salisbury Craft Fair

Next weekend (Holiday Weekend) we will be at the Salisbury Craft Fair as normal. If you would like to order and collect at the fair please place your orders by Wednesday 7th June on our website. When you checkout you can use "Direct Deposit" as your payment method. That way you can pay for the items when you collect them. We will deduct any shipping from the invoice. Please also pop a note into the delivery instructions field to say which day you will be collecting. That say we can be sure to have everything ready for you when you come along. Hope to see you there!

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