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2KG Card Pack!

This big bundle pack contains approximately 250 to 280 White Cards Approx: 14cm x 17.5cm white plain 200 gsm and 300gsm. We call it a 2kg pack as that is the total packaged weight, the card alone actually weighs 1.9 kilos plus packaging. Each card is big enough to make a small card if you wish or use the card for stamping on. It works so well you will be very pleased with it's results. Never wonder if you have a handy piece of card again. Share them with your friends or just what you need for those of you who give lessons. All for just $22.50 <VIEW>

Reduced Card Kits

Get a great bargain on these card kits while stocks last.
Mini African Safari 3D Card Kit Now $3.00 <VIEW>
Oriental Match It Card Kit With Gold Stickers Now $5.00 <VIEW>
Romance 3D Match It Card Kit with Silver stickers Now $5.00 <VIEW>
Floral 3D Card Layer Card Making Kit Now $6.50 <VIEW>
Hearty Crafts luxury printed cards all reduced <VIEW>
Lomiac Cards all reduced <VIEW>