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Tack It Over & Over Glue

Our new stocks of Aileen's Tack it over and over glue have arrived. This is predominantly a fabric glue but it is also a cheap and excellent way to make your electronic cutting machine mats sticky again. With this, you don't have to buy a new mat when the stickiness goes, you simply apply this and your back to day one again. See our video below on how to use it and with a few dollars spent you will be resticking your mats many, many times. Save those $$$
Restick your cutting mats for any cutting machine and save a fortune.

$1 Off All Embossing Folders SPECIAL

For 1 week you can automatically get $1 off each embossing folder you buy from us. This applies to our currently stocked folders. All top brands available. You have just one week to secure yours. <VIEW>

Bigger Range of Stencil Paints

Our stencil paints are perfect for all types of stencils. You don't have to limit it's use to just card and paper, it works on wood and fabrics. Why not jazz up a t-shirt, table cloth or anything you can think of. When using on fabrics you just let it dry and then run a hot iron over a your work with a cloth on top. This heat sets it and makes it washable. Cleaning up is easy as it it water soluble so no nasty chemicals to handle. <VIEW>

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